A mamas journey of growing into the natural world.


I was introduced to babywearing quite early on in my life. I cannot recall the exact time when I decided I wanted to wear my own babies, but I knew long before I had kids. When Daddy Peach and I were still just dating we looked after a family friends baby for the weekend. I went a bought my first wrap, a Moby, and wore that baby all over the place! She loved it, I loved it and we had a great weekend.

Once we knew our Flower Girl was on the way I did a lot more research and shopping before purchasing a Ring Sling. Shortly after Flower Girl arrived I also bought a Mei Tai. Flower Girl was a cuddly baby, still is today too! She would sleep anywhere anytime if you could wrap her up. Worm Boy came along and I knew I would wear him even more, having a busy toddler to chase after! After a few short weeks of having two kids I realized Worm Boy would be much more comfortable on my back. So back to the research and shopping until I found the best way to back carry a newborn, woven wraps!

Below are some of my favorite sites and stores for babywearing!

Wrap Your Baby  -Great Information about baby wearing, and a store too!

ByNature  -They have a great Babywearing 101 tutorial and a good selection of baby carriers.

Bosom Babies  -A great local store in Edmonton where you can check out and try different carriers with your baby or a doll.

Birth Source  -Another great local Edmonton store, they offer babywearing classes. This is the only store in Edmonton that I know of that carries Woven Wraps, everything else is online.

Tadpoles and Butterflies  – An excellent online store, based local to the Edmonton area, where you can order woven wraps as well as many other carriers. They also run baby wearing classes at times.

The world of Woven Wraps can be overwhelming, but it’s so much fun! Here are some of the wraps I’ve used or owned! This is a Chimparoo Wrap, made in Quebec, Canada. The colorway is called ‘Sol’ and this was our first woven wrap for Worm Boy. 

Next I was amazingly lucky to find a gorgeous NatiBaby wrap known as ‘Colibri!’ Sadly this wrap being 40% linen and 60% cotton and a size 7 or ~5.2 m long was too thick, warm and big for us! But we did enjoy it while we had it! You can find Colibri here.

After learning a a bit more about woven wraps, getting more comfortable at trying them and stalking the For Sale or Trade Boards on Facebook I fell in love with Rainbows! I was again very lucky to find a local mama selling her Girasol Chakras!! The picture below does not do the wrap justice but it’s the best one I have!

And finally, the wrap I’ve been waiting for, which is currently in the mail on it’s way to me!! Girasol Gold Rainbow diamond Weave! So bright, cheery and fun! If you love this wrap order one here. I know it seems crazy but it was cheaper to order directly from Gira and have it shipped from Berlin then any of the Canadian retailers I could find.

There you have my woven wrap history. We also use a Mei Tai (BabyHawk), and a Ring Sling (MayaWrap). I use all of these on a weekly basis, to carry both Worm Boy at 18 lbs and Flower Girl at 30 ish lbs.

I hope you are able to explore the wonderful world of babywearing with your littles! Remember even Grandparents can babywear!

Peachy 🙂

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