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Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers are something I had experiences with as a little girl. My Mom used cloth with my sister and I have very keen memories of watching her fold and pin the cloths, flushing the liners when sister had pooped and washing the diapers. Again cloth diapers are something I knew I wanted to do way before I had kids. What I didn’t know was how much they would change by the time my kids came along! If you’re new to cloth diapers you’re in for a great surprise, they can be as easy and care free as disposables!

We were not 100% sure what kind of cloth diapers we wanted for Flower Girl. After again researching and reading as much information as I could find we decided to start with the very basic, least expensive ones, prefolds. You can view the Bummis Kit here. This allowed us to use cloth right from day one but still have the flexibility to try out other types before we bought a huge stash.

Once Flower Girl was about 4 weeks old we were ready to try some other options. One Posh Baby is a local Edmonton online store that offers an amazing Cloth Diaper Trial Program. She brought a bin of pocket diapers to my house and I got to keep them for a week! This was amazing as I had been leaning towards one brand of pocket diaper yet after using that brand a few times on Flower Girl I did not like them at all!! They just did not fit snugly on her little body. So after our week of trialling we were able to choose the brand(s) that worked best for us and order a good number to keep in rotation! I’m proud to say Flower Girl went through her entire diaper period with only cloth, never has a disposable touched her bum. Please don’t take that the wrong way, I know there are many situations where disposables are necessary or easier and that’s great! We were fortunate not to have any situations arise where we needed to use them with Flower Girl!

With Flower Girl I also made my own Wool Soakers, these fit over cloth diapers to help with leaks and such.

Worm Boy is a different story. We started with the Bummis again but after a few days realized prefolds were just a lot more work then we wanted to deal with. Having two kids really changes the game! So we brought out the pockets and started with those on the smallest size. He still swam in them for the first few weeks but they kept things contained!

The challenge with Worm Boy was night time. He was (and still is) a big eater and his night time nursing meant heavy wetting. He would wake at 2 or 3 am for a feeding and be soaked, soaked soaked! This did nothing to help either of us getting good amounts of sleep. So I started by pulling out our larger fitting pocket covers, stuffing them with two inserts, the large and the small. Still soaked through. Next we added a cotton prefold to the two inserts. This worked on and off, but if you’re at all familiar with pockets, the more you stuff in the larger they get and his poor newborn bum was HUGE! So like any problem I encounter I turned to research. Bamboo, hemp, cotton, wool, so many choices. After reading information and reviews I decided to purchase these Hemp Soakers and this Wool Cover.  Finally we seemed to have a solution that worked. His pocket coer was stuffed with one large insert, one cotton prefold and one hemp soaker, all covered by the wool cover! We were making it 10-12 hours at night with no major leakage!

Washing: Shortly after buying our big stash of pocket diapers I noticed some leakage happening around the tag on the back of the cover. After e-mailing and phoning the company I was informed that our detergent at the time was probably not sufficient and needed to be changed. We were using Country Save Natural Laundry Detergent, since I had again done a lot of reading and this was a good, easily found detergent for us. The company informed us that they recommended a detergent with enzymes in it, to clean the diapers well. All the information I had read said to avoid enzyme detergents. But leaking diapers were not useful, so back to the research. I settled on Tide Free and Gentle, I had grown up using Tide detergents and this seemed like an okay compromise. So despite being as natural and chemical free as possible, especially when it came to my babies, Tide is our diaper detergent.

Now I know lots of parents have had success with other natural detergents and I could probably find something else as detergents and cloth diapers have become much more readily available these days. Once I’m out of our current batch of Tide Free I will search some more, but we’ve got at least another 6 months worth of detergent to use, thanks to my brief stint as a couponing Peach!

So now that we have the detergent down, here’s the routine, we separate our stuffings and covers into two bins after each change. At wash time, usually about 3 days, we put covers in on the largest load setting. Cold water rinse, hot water wash, cold water rinse. Then we hang them to dry, inside in the winter, outside on sunny warm days!

The stuffings get a warm water wash and thrown in the dryer most times. Covers go in the dryer when the Aplix is starting to relax and not hold as well. One cycle in the hot dryer and they tighten right back up!

Last little bits of information:

I made my own fleece liners to protect the fleece in the covers from diaper creams.

We have almost always used Bum Bum Balm by Dimpleskins. I love all their products!

I keep a small wet bag clipped to my diaper bag for out and about days and we have two small garbage cans with locking lids for the at home dirty diapers.

That’s our cloth diapering story, if you have any questions please let me know as I am bound to have forgotten something!


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